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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 | Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 specification

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4
Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 has come in the Indian market, this phone is also improved in all respects and this product of the fourth generation is a very refrigerator product, it is a very premium phone, all this information you will get information about Samsung Z4 Flip here. The phone set flip is small by 3 to 1.5 mm or the phone is quite premium and weighs 188.9 grams

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 Specification

Talking about Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 the frame, its metal frame has been given. Talking about the port, there is a USB Type C at the bottom, there is a speaker and a back on the top side, there is a noise cancellation mic, and on the right side there is a side-mounted fingerprint, it does not have these display fingerprints. It is given and there is also a power button on the right side. Talking about the SIM card slot, it has a dual nano SIM card slot. Memory card cannot be installed and apart from Google SIM card, this SIM is also supported in it but in this Two sim cards will work together but there is no clearance as to whether sim will work with two sim cards yes maybe one physical card and only one sim or it may be possible that both physical cards can work And the SIM also works, that is, all three can work together. Talking about protection, it comes with the protection of Gorilla Glass Victus, so the protection can be said to be very good on both the front and the back.

Display Type

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 phone has an outer display on the side of the real camera which is a one plus 9-inch cover display that comes with the production of Gorilla Glass Person Plus, the regulation of its display is 260 x 512 pixels.
Main Display It has 6. 7-inch dynamic display AMOLED display which has been given 120hz refresh rate 1219 brightness is given ipx8 waterproof dustproof has been given also supports hdr10 plus aspect ratio 22:9 is given, the balance is also given in this phone less than Jet Flip 3 and is also smaller than Z Flip 3

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Processor And Storage

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 processor, it has been given Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 + processor, which is the latest processor so far, which works at 4 nanometers, so that the phone becomes very fast, also reduces the battery consumption and the phone I don’t even have Jesus of hitting, don’t even like it Talking about the variant, it comes in three variants 8 -128 / 8 – 256 and 8 – 512 does not come in India Storage type UFS 3.1 is given Lpddr5 RAM type support is given

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Battery and Charging support

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 will have to compromise with the battery because it has a battery of 3700 mAh, although the processor is very good so that the low battery will run very well, there will be no issue in this phone, it will last all day, it is almost can also reuse 25 watts wire A charger has been given which cannot be said to be very good, although according to the low battery, there is also a viral charger, it will be fine. Wireless charger support of 15 watts has also been given, according to 15 watts, this phone is also without wire. Can be charged This phone supports reverse wireless, which means other wireless phones can also be charged from this phone, which will support up to 4.5 watts

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Operating System

Operating System Android 12 with 4.1.1 UI Android version field has been given in this phone, this phone has a very clean UI, there is no bloatware, in this, the operating system itself is good Samsung also claims that it has up to 4 years of operating system update Will come and the security update will come for 5 years then it will be a much better thing


Sensors are almost all in it, although these display fingerprints have not been given, side-mounted fingerprints have been given, and face unlock has been given

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Connectivity 5G has been given in it, how many bands are there of 5G, it is not its confirmation, supports dual 4G VoLTE, WiFi calling is also provided with WiFi Six, Bluetooth version 5.2 has been given and NFC is also supported, according to multimedia, it has both sides. Stereo speakers come in, and the sound quality of this phone is very good


Talking about the camera, two cameras have been given, the main camera which is given is of 12 megapixels, YS support is with 1.8 Apaches and the second camera which is given is also 12 megapixels, there is a wide-angle camera which is in the front. The camera is given, it is given in the 10-megapixel punch hole display which comes with 2 points 4 apache Portrait video recording can be done with the camera Video recording which is 4K will be done with the front camera and At 60 frames per second with the back camera


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 price will start from 90000 in India and will be available up to ₹ 94000


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

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