Oneplus 10T 5G Review | Oneplus 10T 5G Price in India | RAM, Storage, and processor

Oneplus 10T 5G OnePlus 10T has arrived In India, OnePlus phones used to come in a long box but this phone has come in a small box with a red box, this phone is not very heavy but still, this phone is 206.7 grams but this phone has a negative The point has become that alert slider is not given in this phone, the alert slider has been given in almost all other phones if the price was aggressive, the Airphone will do very well in the Indian market. The specifications of the phone will be given through this article, which will be launched in India in August 2022, what will be the price, in which budget will this phone come, which people should buy which people should not buy, complete details will be given in it. know More About Oneplus 10T 5G please Click Here

Oneplus 10T 5G Specification

Sim Card And Storage

Talking about the Oneplus 10T 5G Specification. SIM card tray has a dual nano SIM card which is given at the bottom. This phone comes in 3 variants 8GB 128GB, 8GB 256GB and 16GB 256GB. Variants


Oneplus 10T 5G phone has a much better display, the 6.7-inch Full HD Super AMOLED display has been given a refresh rate of 120Hz and a torch sampling rate of 1000 has been given, the brightness of 950 Nits has been given and supports HDR10+ phone. I have been given the protection of Gorilla Glass 5, the website has also been given Gorilla Glass 5 of the back side the phone is very strong, the top-notch display has been given on both sides, which is a punch hole display, it is very intelligent and much better display Colors in this phone Etc. are very good if we talk about screen to body ratio, the balance of the top side is very less, the side is also very less then it is a little more then it is on the bottom side that too can’t be said much. know More About Oneplus 10T 5G please Click Here


Oneplus 10T 5G
Oneplus 10T 5G

If you talk about Oneplus 10T 5G the processor, then this phone has been given a very upgraded processor, which is Qualcomm SnapDragon 8 Plus gen 1 processor, which works only on 4 nanometers, so this processor is going to be very fast Storage technology Talking about it, it has been given 3.1 RAM of LPDDR 5 is given. Talking about the battery, it has a battery of 4800 mAh which is very safe to run for the whole day because the processor works on 4 nanometers. is quite a power efficient check it on Amazon

Charger and Battery

Oneplus 10T 5G charger that comes with the phone is a 160-watt wire charger, this phone takes 20 minutes to charge from 0 to 100 at the most and it takes about 8 to 9 minutes to charge 50% i.e. it takes 10 About 60 to 2 70% of the battery gets charged in a minute. Due to this, this phone is also charged quickly and there will be no problem with the battery in the future 1 plus claims that the cycle of charging the battery is 1600 times, so this is a much better time because sixteen hundred It claims to charge times, apart from this, let me tell you that all the phones that come, they claim cycle time only from 800 to 900, that is also very much, it is not less but claims 1 plus 1600 times If yes, then it is a very good thing, normally it completes one cycle on a single charge in 24 hours, then even the battery in completing 16 hundred cycles. If the life of the phone remains 80 percent, then the battery can be considered very good.

Sensor And Camera

Overall all the sensors have been given in this phone, if we talk about it, the Antutu score comes to it around 965000. Gaming in this phone will also be able to play on the highest setting, be it any game, almost stereo speakers have also been given which is quite loud. This phone can be accounted for in multimedia as well The Main camera is given 50 megapixels, which is an ultra-wide camera is 8 and a 2-megapixel micro camera has been given, the selfie has been given 16 megapixels


Connectivity is given in total 5G, which supports eleven bands, so it is quite good, all other bands of 4G 2G 3G are available, maximum WiFi calling has been given, WiFi Six has been given Bluetooth 5.3 version has been given. And NFC has also supported it.

Operating System

Talking about the Android version in this phone Android 12 terms of the operating system have been given next 3 updates will be given, in which the security updates will also come for the next 3 years

Super Amoled3.5 MM Jack
Stereo SpeakerIPX Resistance
Oneplus 10T 5G

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Oneplus 10T 5G

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