Jio 5G In India Plans And Price, Cities & Speed

5G In India spectrum auction is now over in India The auction was closed with a record bid of 1.5 lakh crores in which major telcos participated in which Jio Airtel Vodafone Idea was one and a new entrant Adani data network Jio 88000 Airtel tops with Rs 3,889 crore and Vodafone Idea, who are working together, is at the third position with Rs 18899 crore, now Adani data network is at the back. that jio had spent the most on the bid, almost 2 times than airtel 5g, can you expect better 5g from jio and by when can jio come completely in India let’s know through this article all other companies too By when will the 5G service be fully started all over India, we will know about everyone.

Jio Launch 5G In India

Reliance Jio announced Jio 5G In India at its 45th Annual General Meeting announced on 29 August 2022. During the meeting, Reliance Jio announced its 5G services named Jio 5G until its launch across India in December last. Or December 2023 Last or 2000 is likely to come today in the entire India by 24 March.

13 Cities Has Selected To Start 5G In India

Right now, the introduction of 5G in India has been made available mainly in 13 cities, out of which Ahmedabad Bengaluru Chandigarh Chennai Delhi Gandhinagar Gurugram Hyderabad Jamnagar Kolkata Lucknow Mumbai Pune, and then Varanasi have also been included, which 5G has now started.

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When will Jio Launch 5G in India?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi started 5G in India at the India Mobile Congress 2022 on October 1, in which Mukesh Ambani, Chairman and Managing Director of Reliance Industries Limited was also present. He said that Jio will make coverage in all parts of the country by December 2023. Will bring more affordable 5G services 5G In India services Diwali is going to start in 4 cities Delhi Kolkata Mumbai and Chennai by 2022 Jio will start 5G services based on the architecture in many cities The turn of the rollout will start from Diwali 2022 i.e. 24 October 2022 Telecom The company has further said that we will expand the 5G facility to every city in India by December 2023. The initial rollout will be limited to metro cities where Jio will do 5G testing. It will take about 2 to 3 months for Jio to bring 5G to India and cities. We expect that by the end of this year, Jio 5G will be available in two and three cities in India. 5G by going to my jio app You can check network availability Once 5G network coverage will be expanded in the country then Jio will launch an affordable 5G phone in collaboration with Google. We have covered everything about Jio Phone 3 5G here.

5G bands bought by Jio

Reliance Industries Jio was the highest bidder among all telecom operators to participate in India’s 5G spectrum auction Jio spent a total of Rs 88078 crore Jio has the most spectrum for 5G bands Jio bought 5G bands in all popular jio will support medium band frequencies like 700 MHz n28 800 MHz 5 1800 MHz in 333 100 MHz in 78 and low band frequencies like Garden 258 of high band frequency 26 Jio has also clarified that it will launch 5G In India across the country Will bring connectivity Jio’s marriage will use 700 MHz frequency band to do this Jio is also planning to get premium factory band in all 22 circles of India.

Do you need a new SIM Card to use Jio 5G

Earlier it was known that to access Jio 5G network, you will probably need a new Jio 5G SIM but where Jio has also provided 5G facility, it is being told through an SMS that you This way Jio can take advantage of 5G as standalone 5G does not depend on existing 4G network so you will be able to continue with your 4G SIM card to enjoy 5G services. 5G network is cheaper than the competitor’s NSC 5G network So to upgrade your existing 4G SIM to 5G SIM you will probably find it available at the nearest customer service center or on the Jio App. Also, there may be an SMS facility where the user will be able to update his existing 4G SIM. In order to upgrade your SIM from 4G to 5G support, you can upgrade your SIM by sending an SMS. Telecom operators can launch a dedicated portal for 4G to 5G SIM upgrade service that includes SIM cards of all companies. May be convert from 4G to 5G or you may have to change all companies You will get the facility to upgrade by visiting the different retail stores of Yamini Store. There may be no charge for this.

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What Download/Upload Speeds will we get with Jio 5G In India

Reliance Jio has so far tested Jio 5G in eight different cities. According to the 91mobiles website, Jio has achieved 8 times faster than 4G in Mumbai with download speeds of up to 420 Mbps and 412 Mbps in the test. Upload speed up to Mbps was achieved As far as Amwaveware Midband Sub Six GHz 5G band is concerned we don’t have any information available about it yet but jio will definitely try its best to provide a higher frequency band which is Provides much better speed than an everyone’s husband, this service can bring more companies, at the moment Jio is working about it now and there is no official information available of the companies that they are working on them. are or not the uploads of the jio5g band given upload and download speed.

NetworkDownload SpeedUpload Speed
Jio 5G420Mbps412Mbps
Jio 4G47Mbps26Mbps
5G In India
5G In India

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